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Credits4Health Sport Village
Florence, 7 July 2016

Credits4Health Village in Florence

Credits4Health in Florence: a great success!

A 'health village' gave the opportunity to many Florentines to practice outdoor sports from group cycling, to Nordic Walking and other related activities. The event, called “A Firenze per la salute con Credits4Health”, organized by Unifi and F.I.R.M.O. to promote the culture of a healthy lifestyle, took place last July 7th at the Piazzale Michelangelo.

In the stands set up, doctors and nurses have carried out free MOC and Calcium Calculator exams, suggesting to participants the basic rules for a correct lifestyle and a healthy diet. The C4H (Credits4Health) project of social innovation, funded by the European Union, is designed to raise awareness and encourage people to undertake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

"The customized platform Credits4health studies the psycotype of the person connecting - says Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi president of FIRMO Foundation - and awards those who behave well. The European population is thankfully too old, and C4H represents a unique example to help people in choosing a correct lifestyle".

"Finally we have an event totally focused on health and prevention - says Sara Funaro in charge of Welfare and Health for the Florence Municipality - we think that the policies that affect health must always be centered more on actions such as these." "An event that promotes the sport through a unique setting that only Florence can offer - comments Andrea Vannucci responsible for Sports of the Florence Municipality – always keeping a keen eye to all message carried out through sports."

Girona per la Salut amb Credits4Health
Girona, 21 May 2016

Credits4Health Village in Florence

A healthy Fair in the city of Girona.

As part of the Credits4Health Girona project, a Community Health Fair was organized in the city of Girona.

The event “Girona per la Salut amb Credits4Health” (Girona for Health with C4h), was held on 21 May 2016 from 10:00 to 15:00h in the Girona City Hall Sports Complex “Pavelló de Fontajau”. Participants and accompanying friends or family from all three pilots were invited. However, it was an event that was open to the general public from Girona and the surrounding areas.

It was organized by the Nutrition Research Foundation (FIN) in collaboration with the third parties Agència de Salut Pública de Catalunya de la Generalitat and EUSES, as well as the support of Generalitat Girona and the Girona City Hall (Ajuntament de Girona) and the collaboration of 15 private businesses and 3 associations from the areas of health, fitness and nutrition. Volunteers were also recruited to collaborate with setting up and running the activities. These individuals were identified by wearing a T-shirt with the C4H logo to assist attendees throughout the event.

The C4H health fair included a variety of activities and workshops related to nutrition, physical activity and health. Most targeted the general public but specific activities were programmed especially for children. A Master of Ceremonies was hired to engage and inform the public about the different activities that were programmed and encourage them to participate.

C4H at the Physical Activity Workshop
Glasgow, Scotland 10 March 2016

electing health

Credits4Health is one of the 5 projects promoting physical activity in the EU

On 10 March, a workshop entitled “Public Health research - exploring physical activity for health and fun” was held in Glasgow (Scotland).

The EU promoted the day through the Directorate General for Research & Innovation E3 - Fighting infectious diseases and advancing public health.

The European Union decided to join together the 5 projects, which it is fully funding. Their aims implement physical activity, for an exchange of experiences and of methodologies.

It comes as no surprise that the workshop was held in Glasgow’s stadium: the introduction to the works by Rachida Ghalouci from the DG for Research and Innovation in fact underscored how the European Union’s objectives include having 100 million more citizens active in sport and physical activity by 2020.

This ambitious goal is pursued through attention to legislative proposals and to the management of public mobility, by developing and supporting policies in favour of sport and physical activity.

All the projects go in the direction recommended by the DG for Health, which determines the priority strategies on nutrition and health risks connected with weight and obesity, promoting a balanced diet and active lifestyle, particularly for children, the elderly, and socially disadvantaged citizens.

Each of the 5 projects was presented by the coordinator and followed by sessions examining in greater depth the methodologies used and applied in the various countries in the EU.

A promotional tour for C4H
Salento area, November 2015

Li Satiri

Credits4Health went inside salento’s theaters

The cultural association "Li Satiri" is very well known locally in the Salento Area. They contributed to the recruitment of participants by promoting the C4H project with various activities. After their Theatre Performances they did direct promotion describing the project to the audience, while they distributed leaflets within schools, gyms, working places, fairs, parishes etc. to attain the largest possible number of people.

A cooperation between C4H and Girona Municipality
Girona, 30 November 2015

Girona Municipality cooperation

Generalitat and Ajuntament de Girona with C4H

La Generalitat (Municipality) of Girona and the l’Ajuntament de Girona prensented on the occasion of a press conference the cooperation with the Credits4Health project. The C4H project was described during the press conference by spanish partner FIN, represented by Prof. Lluis Serra Majem.

C4H at the the local saint Narcis festivities in Girona
Girona, 25 October 2015

saint Narcis festivities

A tent for promoting C4H during the huge event of Girona

In Girona, during the local saint Narcis festivities (saint patron of Girona) when a great part of the population is on the streets, a lots of materials about C34H project have been distributed to recruit participants.

Under a tent with logos and posters of the project, the students gave information about the project and collected forms of persons interested that were subsequently contacted by Fin.

Credits4Health al “Bright”
Florence, 25 September 2015

Bright2015, la Notte dei Ricercatori

Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi to be on hand at European Researchers’ Night

The night of 25 September will be illuminated by the light of research. With Bright2015 Tuscany will celebrate European Researchers’ Night, an initiative promoted by the European Commission in 300 cities in 24 countries to spread the culture of science and knowledge of research professions.
For Bright2015, Prof. Brandi, the coordinator of Credits4Health, will present the project named "Stili di vita e prevenzione. Dal concetto Nudge al progetto C4H" ("Lifestyles and prevention. From the concept of ‘nudge’ to the C4H project"). Her contribution is scheduled to start at 5:40 PM at the University of Florence’s Botanical Garden, within the setting of the thematic section entitled “Salute!” (“Health!”).
Prof. Brandi will describe the project’s “State of the Art,” commenting upon the results obtained based on the first two trial phases and introducing the third and final phase set to kick off during these days in Italy, Spain, and Greece, which will involve more than 2,100 participants.

For more information, visit the official website.

"Ethics and Food" Conference
Milan, 19 June 2015

Conferenza Ethics and Food

Initial data of the Credits4Health project presented at the "Ethics and Food” Conference

On 19 June 2015, the seventh conference of the cultural entrepreneurship series, entitled "Ethics and Food,", sponsored by the Scientific Committee of Expo Milano 2015 and organized by the Berlin’s Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute was held in Milan.

Prof. Maria Luisa Brandi was invited to speak at this important event and, as coordinator of the Credit4Health project, discussed the project’s status, presenting the first results regarding the statistics of the participants in C4H. In particular, she illustrated the gender and age breakdown of the volunteers recruited in the Florence and Salento areas in Italy; Pylos-Nestoras in Greece; and Girona in Spain, stressing how out of about 900 volunteers, the highest percentage is represented by women between 38 and 45 years of age (see presentation slides).

In concluding, Maria Luisa Brandi announced the start, for September 2015, of the third phase of trialling, which will end in mid 2016 and whose main objective is to finalize the trial by recruiting 2,100 more participants and asking everyone to visit the project’s official website.

Download the C4H presentation at "Ethics and Food"

Press conference for the launch of the project Credits4Health

Rome, 9 December 2014
Press conference for the launch of the project Credits4Health

Credits4Health presented in Rome: the first pilot study begins

The first pilot study of Credits4Health was presented in Rome, in a press conference attended by the project coordinator Maria Luisa Brandi, professor of endocrinology at the University of Florence, and the Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin.

"Prevention - said the minister Lorenzin - has been a cornerstone of the EU semester. We all realize that the fight against chronic disease prevention can stand if it becomes part of our life. It must be a mantra, but you must intervene on bands of the adult population. This is an interesting project, there are no medications and has an inductive part thanks to the Internet and to correct information. the other aspect is that it becomes part of a community, which helps to change lifestyle, a difficult task. "

"In this first phase we want to understand how people react to our platform - said Maria Luisa Brandi, coordinator of the project - because even socialization is crucial in lifestyles. Variables may be important loans, or know to have individualized advice. All information collected in the first two phases of the project will be fundamental to achieve the controlled clinical trial, the third and final phase Credits4Health ".

European Health Forum Gastein

1-3 October 2014
electing health

Credits4Health at the European Health Forum Gastein 2014

Credits4Health has been invited by the European Commission to take part to the 17th edition of the EHFG, the leading health policy event in the EU.

The project coordinator, Maria Luisa Brandi, presented the Credits4Health project in the framework of the Forum “Moving for Health and Well-being”, aimed at identifying best practices for prevention-oriented interventions in range of European health policies.

The coordinator also took part to the break-out session focused on intersectoral and interdepartmental collaboration, contributing to the discussion with the audience in order to pinpoint the main barriers preventing from physical activity and to highlight successful co-operation models.

See the Gastein C4H Presentation