The world’s health is undergoing an unprecedented transition on several fronts, particularly concerning epidemiological, nutritional and demographic issues. Many researches confirm the looming pandemic of Non Communicable Diseases and Chronic Diseases (NCD, CD), which represent the top cause of death worldwide, killing more than 36 million people in 2008.

More than 9 million of these deaths occurred before the age of 60, and could have been largely prevented, tackling risk factors like physical inactivity, raised blood pressure, overweight and obesity, raised cholesterol, tobacco smoking, and raised blood glucose.

This situation is very well schematised by the 3-four-50 model, which points out how three behaviours (poor diet, physical inactivity, and tobacco use) contribute to four chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease and stroke, type 2 diabetes, and pulmonary diseases such as asthma) that cause over 50% of all deaths worldwide. This clearly points out how important wellness is to individuals and countries as a whole. Therefore a crucial issue our societies have to address is fighting the increasing prevalence of lifestyle related diseases.